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  • Hump Day Happenings – Dare to Bare with Kaseedee

    I had the privilege of attending Dare to Bare this weekend in NYC and to say it was life changing is an understatement!!!  Dare to Bare is the brainchild and main fundraising event for The Movemeant Foundation (created by Jenny Gaither).  Movemeant Foundation is a nonprofit that promotes body positivity, body confidence and provides opportunities for young […]

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  • Athlete Update – Jessica Maloy

    Jessica Maloy Sept 17 I competed at the XPC Powerlifting Pro/Elite semi-finals.  I qualified for the finals at The Arnold Sports Festival in March in Columbus, OH.  I had a total of 925 for my Elite, raw total.  370 squat, 165 bench, 390 deadlift I’m gonna be pretty quiet for a while cause my coach […]

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  • Feb 24th Moment of Random

    I think I’m going to have to stop watching TV if I have to watch the Zwivel Cosmetic Surgery commercial one more time. It’s literally about hating your body, and idolizing what someone else has, which we come to find out, was surgically created. This is the reason we have such LOW self-esteem about ourselves!!! […]

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  • I am body positive…. TV?

    Ok so I have taken a huge break from blogging, half of it is because I’m so busy, but half of it is also because sometimes I just feel like when I type my thoughts, they don’t make sense… So I wanted to start a little series on YouTube where I talked everyday about something […]

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